Friday, 5 October 2012

End of Week 8

Our cabinetry went in this week, and brickwork mostly completed. May actually be complete, last I was out there was Thursday. I don't have pictures of the completed kitchen yet - will have to get some on Monday!

The vanity benchtops weren't delivered with the rest of the cabinetry, so there is a delay getting those installed.

Front brickwork

South side






And the kitchen carcass which has since been installed:
Was also advised by the admin team that our caesarstone choice of "Mangrove" has been discontinued (why do we find these things out NOW?), so we had to choose from "Cashmere" or "Wild Rice". We've gone for Wild Rice so as to differentiate from the tiles, and hopefully hide a bit more grime!
Apparently the tiler will be onsite at the end of this week, and due to finish early/mid next week. From late next week, the fitoffs are due to get underway, including the fitting/installation of basins, tapware, toilets, light points, switches, powerpoints, door handles, shelving, etc. These run over approximately a fortnight and is then followed by the installation of the carpet.
Almost looking like a home now! So much so that I have started the arduous task of packing up our rental now.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Locked up & Fixed

Wow what a month it has been since I last updated the blog!
We've been crazy busy running around house-sitting and having a sick bubba on our hands, so apologies for not updating this sooner.

Our house is only 5 weeks from Practical Completion Inspection, and 7 weeks from handover!! We had the Lock Up on-site inspection with the Site Supervisor yesterday, and it was amazing to see the house start to look like our home. Cornices & architraves have been installed, and doors have been hung. Pictures below.

Timeline from here:
Kitchen & cabinetry installed 3/10
Brickwork to be completed 5/10
Internal painting & external site clean 8-12/10
Tiles laid 15-19/10
Carpet laid 22-26/10. Concurrently with tiles & carpet will be fit off of door handles, showers etc.
PCI inspection start of November.

Rumpus room
Meals area