Monday, 1 October 2012

Locked up & Fixed

Wow what a month it has been since I last updated the blog!
We've been crazy busy running around house-sitting and having a sick bubba on our hands, so apologies for not updating this sooner.

Our house is only 5 weeks from Practical Completion Inspection, and 7 weeks from handover!! We had the Lock Up on-site inspection with the Site Supervisor yesterday, and it was amazing to see the house start to look like our home. Cornices & architraves have been installed, and doors have been hung. Pictures below.

Timeline from here:
Kitchen & cabinetry installed 3/10
Brickwork to be completed 5/10
Internal painting & external site clean 8-12/10
Tiles laid 15-19/10
Carpet laid 22-26/10. Concurrently with tiles & carpet will be fit off of door handles, showers etc.
PCI inspection start of November.

Rumpus room
Meals area


  1. I really can't believe how quickly this has all been built... and how soon you'll be moving into your new home! :)

    1. I know Janelle, we are getting really excited now too!

  2. Wow, can't believe they have given you a date for your PCI, they are currently laying our carpets and l still can't get any solid dates off anyone! lol.

    Good luck with everything this month!

    1. Thanks busymum! We don't have an exact date yet, just a verbal indication. It is nice to have an honest chat with the SS though; very happy with Glenn so far. He's been fantastic, and lived up to his reputation for being a stickler for quality!

  3. We got really nice, helpful SS to. It does make a difference doesn't it. You hear about people who get several different SSs during their build (with other builders ;-). ) it must be really hard to keep things moving with no consistency!

    Our carpet go down on Monday, but I have been advised not to hand in my notice on the rental yet, as apparently the final paperwork, final checks, and repairs, can take several weeks. It's so frustrating, as it really does look like a house now, and we've been paying the mortgage for several months so we REALLY want to move in, lol

    Good luck with packing your house up now, we started that a few weeks ago, it's so difficult with young children isn't it! :-)

  4. How is everything going so far? Have u guys move in yet?

  5. Hi, I am planning to build my first home with 8 homes. They have given me fixed site cost. Price is very sharp. Just wondering, if this builder gives any surprises later on?

    Also, how would you rate 8 home overall?

    Appreciate your response