Monday, 6 August 2012

Celebrate good times

We met with family & friends on Sunday to celebrate dirt ownership. Little sprog was unhappy with the gale force winds, poor lad.
Hubby was pretty impressed with the site of his future study...

We got an email from the construction team today, advising that the site scrape will happen on the 14th. One week to go!


  1. Hi

    How is the service of 8homes so far? I am also building with 8homes. You are actually the first 8homes customer I have found.

    Hope your build progressing well with them.

    Please do visit my blog when you have a chance. ^.^



    1. Hi Erni, thanks for stopping by! We are finding the construction phase really good so far. The admin phase was a bit painful, but we got there in the end. 8 Homes have only been operating since Feb/March 2012, and we were their 8th customer.
      From site start on the 14th August, we have just today started framing (I'm a bit behind on updating the blog!). So very quick progression, and hoping for a smooth ride!
      Good luck with your build.