Monday, 20 August 2012

End of week 1

Well it has officially started. The builders broke ground last week!
I went out to the block on Tuesday, and found some very exciting holes for the retaining walls:

Visited again on Thursday to find they'd completed the retaining walls:

And then a very handy local spy sent me a few pics on Friday to let us know we'd been scraped! As you can see, we had a rather wet end of the week. We went to visit the block ourselves on the Saturday, and found that the amount of water shown below was about half of what ended up in our 'pool'!

Looking forward to heading out there today and seeing what the start of Week 2 will bring... (did someone say slab this week? Fingers crossed!)

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  1. Amazing! That's great and very, very exciting! So happy for you guys and really happy that I feel a little more a part of it with your blog updates - thanks! :)